Activated Carbon Water Filter System

Activated Carbon Water Filter System

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In Activated carbon filter, principle media is activated carbon supporting with gravel, pebble and san. It is an effective method for adsorbing organics, removal of chlorine, colour & odour from water. Colour is normally expressed in Hazen units and due to the presence of colloidal suspension, aquatic growth and presence of iron, in our activated carbon-based water filter & wastewater. It can be used for both pre-treatment and post-treatment of water.

Our simple but well-engineered media-based filter acclaims stringent design. High performance, less pressure drop across the bed, longevity, optimum utilization of surface area ensure us to gain more and more clients satisfaction.


Why activated carbon utilized as a part of water filters?

  • Activated carbon is utilized as a part of water channel filters in light of the fact the actuated carbon expels the most harmful natural mixes of water like pesticides and substantial metal. So passing water through an activated carbon filter enhances the essence of drinking water and furthermore makes water safe to drink. Activated carbon filter likewise evacuates smells in water and influences overcast water to clear by expelling shading causing mixes in the water. So activated carbon filter is an exceptionally proficient filter of water and is broadly utilized as a part of water channel filters.

    Focal Points:

    • Natural filter media
    • Low-cost and easy maintenance
    • Improvs the taste and smell of water
    • Better than using natural chemical and chemicals disinfectants like chlorine.


    • Available in Vertical & Horizontal.
    • The material of construction MS/FRP/MSRL/SS.
    • Designed as per ASME or IS.
    • Well-designed collection system.
    • Well-designed distribution system.
    • Improve the taste of water
    • High removal of colour&odour.
    • High removal chlorine of the water.
    • High-end water quality.


    • Pre-treatment of the water treatment plant.
    • Post-treatment of the waste treatment plant.
    • RO plant feed water.
    • Water treatment plant.
    • Dechlorination
  • Simple design maximizes reliability and efficiency
  • Single layer of activated Carbon
  • Adsorption efficiency up to 85 to 90 %
  • Low Pressure drop across the vessel
  • FRP, MSRL, MSEP & SS Vessels are available.
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic features are provided
  • Pre-assembled construction minimizes start-up time and installation costs
  • Structural steel legs provide rigid support of vessel for safety
  • Air scouring available for high flow pressure vessel.
  • Proven design of internal distribution and collection system.
  • Efficient Chlorine, colour, organic matter and odour removal
  • High surface area & EBCT
  • Adsorption efficiency up to 90%
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Wide range in material of construction
  • Economical way of production & design

Drinking Water Treatment

  • Organic matter, colour and odour removal
  • Pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Pre-treatment to Desalination Plant

River Water Treatment

  • Organic matter removal

Ground Water Treatment

  • Organic matter, colour and odour removal
  • Pre-treatment to reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Pre-treatment to Desalination Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Organic matter, colour and odour removal


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